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    After the huge international success of our method, we present you the ultimate Kizomba DVD: Kizomba Dance Evolution!

    The best tool to help you develop your dancing skills. Please watch the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USZLe-kNFq8

    Benjamim Nande has revolutionised kizomba by developing a comprehensive step by step method. Travelling around the world he introduced this sensual dance to most of the countries where it has now grown so popular. This DVD will give you access to Kizomba Dance’s method evolution with a full range of new steps, all of them explained in detail. Divided in 16 chapters, you will find all you need to improve your skills, learn new combinations and create your own!

    Listen, dance, learn and enjoy.

    More information at: http://www.kizombadance.com

    Benjamim Nande

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