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    Am a relatively new owner on Block C and solicitor has just sent me a notification that we owe 73,809cv the solicitor NDR wanted to charge a fee of 230euros just for paying this fee on our behalf. I have been on the website CV tips and have emailed who I hope is the Municipal do Sal who has replied with bank details where to transfer the money. I am really nervous that all this is above board and the money is not going to get into the wrong hands. I am not going to be able to pay in person. Any advice would be very welcome.


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    jean 1

    Hi Tracyd
    When is this amount for ? ,if you have just purchased your apartment usually you get the first year free as you have already paid it in your solicitors fees.
    This happened to us they charged us and shouldnt have.We have been 2 years trying to get it back they paid last years bill and they still owe us £468.
    If you have not paid it with your solicitors fees then you will properly owe it.
    We are going on the 24th April to SAL if we can be of any help or you could try and see if Dave/Vicky at Baileys Bar would pay it for you.
    Welcome to the Block what what number are you ,we are p2/2.

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