Is There Something Afoot ?

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    If it’s the same group, this is 2 years old fight against sambala and Grepne, since they started the group action for money back. Action started in the UK against Grepen as his name is on the contract, plus he was at that time domicile in the UK, don’t know if he still is? They were at that time looking for a European Solicitor to fight the other end/side. I’ve not heard anything since, as they all paid extra for the service, and didn’t want any “free” advice getting out to other investors!
    However as the last bit of my last post, I’ve heard everything is moving over to Cape Verde. Obviously going to make it a bit trickier out there!

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    I spoke too soon, the Ides of March are coming early.

    My reliable contact in Praia has taken time out from the election campaign to inform me of the emergence of a very serious, genuine group of investors who have been working behind the scenes for over a year compiling a case against Sambala and Jonathan Grepne.
    I am told they are about to enter proceedings and will make public their findings in the near future.

    That’s all I know for now, take it for what it is, but she was right about equipment leaving the site. I for one would like to know more.

    Can anyone else shed some light?

    Give me Green Greengrass of hope [:p]


    Well, if its 2 years they are ahead of everyone else then. the plot thickens.

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