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    My husband and I (late 50s) are thinking of a week in the Cape Verde islands in mid January. We are attracted by the thought of sunshine – and the affordable price.
    We are not wanting a ‘lie on the beach (or by the pool) all day’ holiday and large resorts are not appealing to us. We would prefer a small hotel or self-catering apartment close to interesting amenities, food markets etc.
    We do enjoy sitting in cafes and watching the local activity and culture. We like architecture and scenery and would like a mix of relaxation and gentle activity.
    Does anyone think Sal or Boa Vista might appeal to us? I am nervous that it might be aimed at mass tourism where visitors remain in their chosen resort. And with the huge expansion, it may be a giant building site!
    Can anyone comment, please?

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    Hello Lindy,

    in your case definitely Sal or Boa Vista are not the right destinations.
    I would recommend Santiago and Fogo Islands, or if you want to do the northern route, then Sao Vicente and Santo Antao.
    These would be two possible trips where you combine two islands each way.
    Please read about the islands in this portal under “Islands


    Hello Lindy,

    although Sal and Boavista are not overcrowded like beaches in Italy or in other European countries, the lower frequented islands would be the better choice for you.
    As Daniel wrote, you can combine different islands and your holidays become twice interesting. 😀
    But be clear on the fact, that these islands are not as developed as Sal or Boavista!
    But this might be also the charm of your journey. You will discover the real Cape Verde instead of wasting your time in a sterile all inclusiv area, where no nativness can be found.
    Please notice, that Portugese is a necessity (even a few words), because English is nearly nowhere spoken, with the exeption of the airports! ❗
    I wish you pleasant holidays on the islands. 😛

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