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    Here is another about to start – I think the fast ferry only served Fogo & Maio and maybe one other
    28 March 2011
    Cape Verde will have more a boat at commercial passengers and freight.
    The vessel “Vincent”, which begins to connect the islands between late May and June.
    With 60 meters length, the boat has a capacity to carry 400 tons of cargo and 250 passengers in cabins of first and second classes and a Hall with chairs-bed that also has restaurant and bar.The boat represents an investment of one million euros and belongs to the Society Tuninha – shipping, mixed capital company – abroad and Cape Verdean – with headquarters in São Vicente. “Vincent” who already received a visit from two inspectors from the Port and Maritime Institute or focus on the transport of tourists, a segment of the market with many untapped in Cape Verde. The boat is currently in a shipyard of Croatia, where, in addition to a general revision, will have conditions to carry tourists.

    This Merchant Navy unit will operate from the port, and connect, Monday to Friday, the islands of s. Vicente, s. Nicolau, Sal, Boa Vista and Santiago. Already between Friday and Saturday, “Vincent” is in s. Vicente/beach/fire.

    The company’s management owns, believes that the holding of “Vincent” will benefit the materials factory construction of Tarrafal de São Nicolau. Is that one of the major obstacles to the operation of the plant is the flow of cargo, by lack of shipping.

    The plant is indeed inactive due to deficient maritime connection between the island of Chiquinho and the rest of the country. “The boat will ensure a regular connection, allowing the flow of goods,” says the source of this newspaper.

    The fare to be practiced and the places of sale of tickets and freight forwarding of goods will be announced shortly.


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