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    we went indepently in sept2005
    We routed LHR Lisbon Sal
    with TAP.
    We booked an apartment off the Internet and arrived

    some tips,

    When I first arrived I wanted to go straight back, it was almost too backward for me, BUT after 1 day I adjusted and realise just how stressed, and rushed I was normally.

    I SLOWED down, took my time and REALLY relaxed,[ relaxed to a point that I had not been able to in the last few years]. My five days came to an end much too soon and I didn’t want to leave .

    Stay in Santa Maria, not near Santa Maria [Murdiea] enjoy the pace of life, go to the Tam Tam, town square and meet with agents in the offices near by.

    Take with you all you can print out before you set off and make appointments before you fly.

    Take a Taxi



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    We are going to Sal (independently) in a few weeks to get a feel of the place and to see what is on offer re: the various developments. Can someone please advise the best way of doing this? How do we actually get to see the properties? I understand we can’t deal directly with the developers so who are the best agents based in Santa Maria? At what stage would we get a solicitor involved?
    Any feedback on this would be gratefully appreciated, thanks BajeB


    i would check the following developers cabogolf,imobrisa,worldwide properties,cape verde developments etc. You can deal direct wih these developers

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