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    Nothing to do with being a pensioner.
    If you are a pensioner, you can apply for “residencia” (resident’s permit) which allows you to import personal goods, like your furniture, your car (less than 4 years old)
    But expect a lot of red tape, and many small payments, tax here, documents there… etc…
    it takes much less time to do it in Praia, since if you do it from Sal, they will have to send it there anyway, and back and forth….
    It’s not necessary to take an attorney, but a good translator will help.
    You can also do it from the UK, through the local Cape Verde Consulate, much easier since they will speak english, which is not always the case here. You will need to have a lot of documents translated by an official translator and certified by the UK Capeverdean Consulate.
    Having a local home helps….
    Good luck


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    dee dee

    Anyone heard of this? if you can proove you are apensioner you do not need to pay import tax,sounds a bit to good to be true,read it somewhere.

    dee dee

    Thanks chris i will look in to it when i have the time,it sounds very drawn out.

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