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    Hi gang:- Global Hotel Holdings are a large Dubai owned company.

    The 5% guaranteed rental will be well covered by this large company. Guaranteed rental schemes on a lot of other developments,may not be covered,if they have not got the money.

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    Portuguese press is announcing the hotel operator that will manage Ponta Bicuda hotels.

    Global Hotels Holding (owned by Sheik Mohammed Youssef El-Khereiji!!) is launching a new hotel brand, Tiara Hotels & Resorts, that will include hotels as the ex-Méridien Lisbon and Oporto, the Miramar Beach Hotel at Cannes, Chateau Hotel Mont Royal, a pallace at Chantilly, 30 Kms from Paris, Hotel Astoria one of the most emblematic buildings of the Belgian capital…..and the hotels in constructions at Ponta Bicuda.

    You can make a Google search with : Goodbye Meridien Hello Tiara


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