hello,please I need help,I’m confused…

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    mz mo

    Good-day,I’m new here and I need advise,I’m incharge of planning our vacation(my friends and I) after graduation and I am very confused,I’m from Nigeria and I saw on a site that Nigerians don’t need visa to enter cape verde and that made us happy because one we wouldn’t go through the stress of gettn visa for all eight(8) of us,but I saw otherwise on this site and I’m kinda confused,so my question is;

    Do we need visa to enter cape verde as Nigerians?

    If not,we have been saving for this vacation for awhile now and we planned since we are sponsoring ourselves,we decided to eliminate Air travel and go by road,we planned on going by road wwhich brings me to my other question;

    Is it okay to go by road/water,getting a bus from Lagos,to cotonou and from cotonu to porto novo and then to Santo antao(probably ferry),then from there other islands?

    Which brings me back to my first question,Would Visa be a problem while travelling through road and ferry? Thanks in advance:)

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    All nationalities with a valid passport (at least 6 months) travelling to Cape Verde can for a fee (cash notes), obtain a visa, valid for 30 days, for entry into Cape Verde from customs on landing at any of the international airports in Cape Verde (Sal, Boa vista, Praia or S. Vicente).

    These can be purchased at the airport for 25 Euros cash only.

    If you travel by sea then you should purchase a visa in advance as I’m not sure if you can purchase at the sea port. I’m not sure if there is a Cape Veredean consulate or embassy in Nigeria but you would be able to check this out or at least find out where the nearest representative is in your own country.

    For ferry details and times between Islands visit


    Hope this helps


    Hi MZ MO

    I have been checking and I think Nigerians are except form purchasing a visa but best to check with your embassy.


    Hello mz mo,

    Do we need visa to enter cape verde as Nigerians?

    That is not the main problem. You can ask at the embassy of Cape Verde in your country.

    But if you come over West-Africa you need vaccinations!! Otherwise you can’t enter!!

    Ask for the kinds of vaccination you need exactly. ❗


    PS.:A trip by bus to Lagos (or better to Dakar/Senegal) is a “devil’s trip”. I’d prefer a plane, also because of the loss of holiday-time. 😉 There aren’t regular boat-connections between the African Mainland and Cape Verde.

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