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    Dear Reader,

    Welcome to the Cape Verde Forum!

    The following rules of conduct for this forum are listed here to establish standards of quality and clarity in this forum. Please take sufficient time to read them.

    Rule #1:
    We prefer not to have any links to other websites here. However, they can be tolerated in some cases if they are not for advertising purposes and are actually helpful to others.

    Rule #2:
    Posts with partial or complete advertising content are not permitted. This also includes hidden references to links or other websites (e.g. separated spelling of an address) no matter what their content is.

    Rule #3:
    Naturally, as in every serious forum, bad words are not allowed. The authors will be immediately banned without exception.

    Rule #4:
    Read, search and then ask!
    Please use the search function of this forum when searching (see link above).
    The repeated asking of questions that have already been answered before (usually more than once) is annoying for established members of the forum. This often results in a lack of interest with regard to posting a response

    Rule #5:
    Above all, this rule concerns our investor and real estate forums. Do not post false, unproven or unprovable statements that could result in accusations against certain companies or question their seriousness. These statements are detrimental to the image of Cape Verde and will have legal consequences for the author of said posts and the forum itself. Should concrete negative statements be provable, they can only be published by clearly identifying the author (individual or company; please contact the moderator via email). If you do not do this, such posts will be deleted without notice!

    Rule #6:
    If you decide to ask a question that serves the public interest and is not of personal nature, please refrain from sending an email to the moderator or a member of the forum. Instead, publish your question in the forum.

    The purpose of this forum is to share experiences and opinions. A question that has been answered in this forum could help many readers who we have not met yet because they just joined as a guest to browse our site. On the other hand, an email would have to be rewritten time and again for each individual.

    But if your post has a purely personal or intimate nature such as “To Otto…,” “How are you, Maria?” or “I love you,” please email the person directly instead of posting it here in the forum. These types of post are definitely not relevant to other readers. They are disruptive, sometimes embarrassing and detracts from the forum’s respectability.

    Greetings, acknowledgements and other short personal words related to posts with interesting content are obviously quite normal and welcome.

    Rule #7:
    If you are new here, it is important to know that you should only contribute posts related to Cape Verde. In additional, do not open a new thread if a thread with similar/corresponding topics already exist. In this case, post an answer to this existing topic. On the other hand, experienced forum members should display tolerance if a newcomer makes a mistake. Remember that you were also a newcomer at one time!

    Rule #8:
    This is the “golden rule”:
    Always treat other forum members the same way that you would like to be treated. Please think before you write. If you become overly emotional or agitated due to a post or thread, wait to respond until you have calmed down in order to give a composed and prudent answer.

    Rule #9:
    Even if it sounds old-fashioned: The fact is that a polite person receives much more respect than a rude one. Here are a few explanatory points:

    * Please be patient if you are looking for information or help. Remember: Not everyone sits in front of a computer screen all day.

    * Everything that has been posted publicly remains visible to the public and cannot be changed. As a result, you should avoid excessive sarcasm since it is generally not appreciated.

    * It is possible marked differences of opinion could arise in some situations. Nevertheless, please try not to make your posts excessively personal.

    * Under no circumstances should you insult anyone. Also show respect for the moderators in particular because they are volunteers and certainly don’t deserve to be insulted.

    * Agitated writing can appear very harsh and condescending, which will alienate the recipient of your message. Your motto should be: “If I don’t have anything constructive or nice to say, then I shouldn’t write anything…”

    * Needless to say, discriminating posts such as those of a racist, sexist or religious nature will not be tolerated.

    Rule #10:
    Please do not type in all upper case! All upper case letters on the Internet imply that you are shouting. In addition, studies have shown that texts written in all upper case result in a 30 percent delay in comprehending the context and a significantly slower reading speed (do your own test of this).

    Rule #11:
    Re-read your post and check spelling before submitting it. Grammar and spelling errors can give you an unintentional image.

    And last but not least, here is the most important thing: A forum is a place to share, learn and enjoy. This is what always makes it a pleasurable experience for all of the readers and members.

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