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    The latest news requires an even greater stretch o the imagination than normal. How does Grepne/Domboy fit it all thier heads? Even more hat and much less cattle!

    Looks like they are diggin an even bigger hole than b4 with all the expensive stuff Viceroy insist on havin. But not a bean to pay 4 it all as yet more equity investors turn their noses up!! So I hope the forum admin don’t mind me helping ’em out by putting a free ad on here…

    One outdated distressed part finished development in Cape Verde for sale. Only 80% left to finish.
    Spent €50m to date – just another €150m req’d to complete.
    Yours for just €1.00

    The Catch:
    1. U must clear Mr Grepne debts to 3 banks and other funders amounting to €20m
    2. U must substantially modernise, upgrade and backfit all properties so they can be safe and fit for tourists. (Don;t worry – you can make desperate owners pay for half of it)
    3. U must find a shedload o new buyers for all the properties or keep’em urself and rent ’em out. U’ll get ur money back in 40 yrs (or just 4 yrs if you believe Domboy) if U manage to flood the place with tourists (instead of water leaks).

    Don’t worry about all the many investors taking em to court. Just make sure all the court cases are settled and the arresto is gone b4 you deposit UR €1.00 in the BVI account.

    The plus side is things can only get better when the incompetent duo are no longer running the show (or should that be ‘ruining the show?’)

    Sorry, we aint got a Tel no – their website’s been pulled.

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