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    i booked an inspection next week, i was originally scheduled to fly out of stansted, mri even confirmed it.

    Unfortunately as i understand it the flight was under subscribed and cancelled i have been moved to Gatwick with Aestraess or something like that and now i am coming back with thomsonfly.

    i would get used to Stansted being erratic for a few more months yet as “interest” is picked up..

    Just my thoughts


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    Does anyone know if it safe to book a flight with TACV from Stanstead now. I am taking my parents who are in their seventies and it would not be nice for them if we had cancellations. Other airlines (Thomson and Astraues) are booked when we want to go. We also have to get inter island connections. Does anyone know what the occupancy is of the TACV flights ?


    TACV have not put any money in to marketing. The flight is not available to most travel agents on their computer system.


    If anyone works in marketing and would like to try and get a job in CV why dont they apply to TACV for a position. Seems like they need someone pretty urgently in that area


    We at flightmole are dealing with claims for cancelled flights under EC Eegulation 261/2004 . We specifically have claims relating to Flight No VR 659 from Stanstead which was cancelled and the passengers then flew via Lisbon.

    The EC Regulation can provide compensation of 600 Euros compensation or a flight from UK to Cabo Verde Islands. Have other forum mebers experience cancellations from TACV or indeed other airlines travelling to Cabo Verde? Please visit flightmole to see the rights passengers have in the event of cancellation and delay.

    The rights apply to EU airlines leaving an EU country but may not apply to flights leaving a non-EU country on a non-eu carrier.


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