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    I believe there is only one UK based agent that can book TACV internal flights. Speak to Jen or Lisa at Cape Verde Travel Ltd (easily found on the web). The alternative is to contact the TACV office in Paris directly (you’ll find the number if you google TACV Paris).

    Naturally either of these will be most accurately be able to answer the rest of your questions.

    I would say that Sao Vicente is worth staying on for longer than a few hours though if you can.


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    Can anyone tell me how I go about getting a flight from Sal to Sao Vicente.
    Are flights regular?
    Do I need to stay overnight on Sao Vicente or would I be able to fly back the same day?
    How long does the flight take?
    Also any advice on cost would be much appreciated
    Thanks Thelma

    tracey storer


    I’m thinking about doing the same in October, is there anywhere you would recommend staying and how easy is it to travel around the island?


    It depends on what type of accommodation you are looking for? If you want the best hotel then stay at Hotel Mindel. This is in the centre and is a good four star hotel offering the best pizza on the island.

    If you are looking for an apartment then I would recommend either Windelo or Casa Cafe Mindelo. Windelo is a little cheaper, but is outside the centre (5 min walk). They offer a pick up service from the airport and the best room to stay in is the Vasco (beautiful views of the harbour!). Casa Cafe Mindelo is in the centre, has good rooms and a great bar below. Both these places can found under the accommodation/apartments section on this website.

    Travel around the centre of Mindelo can be done on foot. Taxis are easily found around the centre and can take you to the better beaches.

    I would advise that you allow 3 days for your trip and allocate one day to catch the ferry across to Santo Antao (1 hr crossing and very cheap). You can spend a day here and take in the beauty of the island. Head for Ribera Grande and if you can fit it in try Paul. You can catch a taxi from the port and negotiate a price beforhand (600CVE-800CVE). They will try and charge you around a 1000CVE, but they will always accept around my recommended amount.

    Hope this helps. Any more questions then I would be glad to help.

    Have fun!



    We are going to Sal for 2 weeks at Easter – 2nd time visitors. I have found it very difficult to arrange any travel to Sao Vicente, although we would like to visit for 2-3 days. I understand that there is an overnight ferry from Sal, but the journey takes 9 hours and the sea is rough at this time of year!! Cost is 30 euros I understand. Has anyone used the ferry service? If so, do you have any comments to make?


    The Foya Branca is a very nice hotel on a beautiful beach. Its a nice place to chill out after the stress of looking at properties if thats what you are doing. I thought their Pizza’s were the best Ive ever tasted – maybe SV has good Pizzas alL round ! The rooms are spotless and spacious – its a little way outside Mindelo but they run courtesty buses ever hour or two hours which did in fact run on time while I was there (well more or less on time…….). There was no Interet though whilst I was there but not a great problem as you can go into town for this.


    Has anyone been on the ferry to Sao Vicente?

    Has anyone managed to book flights to Sao Vicente whilst staying in Sal?

    If you have, could you please let me know how you got on.

    Many thanks.



    Hi, just noticed this, albeit a bit late.

    TACV have opened a representative office in London now, you can book and get tickets issued in advance and get advice on schedules. The website is still the same, but I hear that it’s under development and there is talk that TACV will fly to the UK towards the end of the year.

    Anyway, the telephone number for TACV seems still to be hard to find, but it is ************* by all accounts.


    Yes they are ticketing from the UK but VERY expensive compared to when you book on arrival on the Islands. As an indication £175 from Sal to Sao Vicente, compared with 18,000esc when you book on the Island which is closer to £120. But you need to compare the risk of arriving on Sal and then not being able to do the intinery that you have planned to visit other islands.
    I am sure things will change soon.


    Lucy C that’s fair comment, as you say you pays your money you takes your choice. There is an air pass available, but only if you fly in on TACV international services, it saves a fair chunk of money. Personally the security of booking in advance seems wise as the numbers of visitors increases and you find the local flights getting very busy!

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