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    Hi.If you are not in the rental pool I think the first thing you should do is change the door locks or possibly swap the barrel with another owner in a different community.Builders will have had access to the keys so anybody could have a copy.I believe one or two of the Real Estate Agents offer a lock replacement service but cannot confirm this.


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    Hi,has anyone who isn’t in the rental pool considered changing the locks to their apartment? Have heard some horror story’s of owners going to their property only to find that tecnicil have put people in there without permission !!!


    just goes to show how much we can trust tecncil. no wonder topa are advertising properties at such low prices, and they have stuck with cv through thick and thin. it should be noted that the banks now own some of the unsold properties now too the invisible man


    I have left “one” key with the management Co, I have no concern doing this what so ever,, if I was to lose my key the management would be able to let me back into my apartment.

    Re copying keys, sorry but the owner will have the master key and the master card, its impossible to get a copy without the master key and / or card. I have had a couple of extra keys made, you have to go to a “specialist” lock smith with the master key ( or card ) , your “master” key will be “scanned” before you can get a copy and “only then” can it be copied. You will probably have to wait one week as the keys are only supplied from Spain, my copies cost myself £12 ? per key.


    If allowed (can’t see why not) and the internet becomes alot cheaper then a camera on the outside door is the way forward. Record or sit and view from our own homes here in England. I can just see it, me with a beer looking in, what’s he/her doing going into my place lol.




    I am currently in the rental pool, so have no choice other than to leave a key with Tecnicil. The way that their management company is acting at the moment and going by the reports I’ve received from other buyers who have stayed at Vila Verde, if things don’t improve, I would certainly take my property out of the rental pool immediately after the 2 years and change the locks.

    I would not leave a spare key with Tecnicil, I understand this would give peace of mind in case I lost my own whilst there, but I have never lost any keys before and I can always call a locksmith if required. The peace of mind I would get from knowing that Tecnicil management did not have a key whilst I wasn’t there would be far greater.

    What I do know about Tecnicil’s management company at the moment is:-

    1. There have been reports of mis-use of apartments both in and out of the rental pool.

    2. People have arrived at Vila Verde to be told they have not got a reservation, despite having emails saying otherwise.

    3. People have arrived at Vila Verde and been taken to the wrong apartments.

    4. Cleaning instructions that buyers have made, have not been carried out.

    5. Tecnicil are expecting resort fees from buyers since the buyer went to deeds, despite some buyers still not having all of their furniture that they have paid for in full, or being able to have stayed in their apartments due to leaks, or other problems.

    6. Tecnicil have not paid the rent to buyers in the rental pool

    As said, at present, due to the above, I would rather not be involved with Tecnicil’s management company as things stand. Hopefully, things will improve and I and others may gain a little more confidence in them in the future. If that is the case, I would then reconsider and look to leave a key with Tecnicil and possibly extend my contract in the rental pool.


    I am not a buyer on VV but interested. It seems to me that where people are expecting rental payments, at the moment rents will probably not exceed expenses and so there is no rental pool to share out. It may be that the contract you have ignores this and guarantees payment regardless but then you are depending on VV having the money and being willing to part with it. This is the same situation as the compensation.



    Those who have entered the rental pool, have a contract which states a guaranteed 5% per annum return, based on the price of their property. Nearly 2 years on for some, no payments have been made, Tecnicil may not have the money, that doesn’t make it right, or any easier for the buyers who are affected. Some of these buyers may have mortgages to pay on their properties, at the very least, they will have annual taxes to pay and now are expecting a charge from Tecnicil for resort fees since they went to deeds. Some buyers completed almost 2 years ago, paid in full for their apartments and furniture, yet still have not been able to stay in their apartments, as they are incomplete in one way or another. Tecnicil are obviously short of money, but should buyers be expected to pay resort fees when they are still waiting for their apartments to be made habitable, waiting for furniture packages that they have paid for, both points meaning they have been unable to stay in their own apartments, and are also possibly waiting for rental payments owed by Tecnicil?

    The above points are bad enough, but then add in the other points I make regarding the poor service levels so far by the Tecnicil management team, it doesn’t make for good reading.

    You mention that compensation is also dependant on funds being available. Let’s not forget that compensation was written into the buyers contract, if Tecnicil are not able to honour compensation, this can only be down to, once again, poor management, both in allowing the construction to run massively over time and I guess, poor financial management when working out construction costs and handling finances.

    I have completed on Vila Verde, it was a bad enough experience dealing with Tecnicil through to completion, trying to get them to deal with my purchase in line with the contract that I signed at outset. Going forward, I have no more trust in Tecnicil than I have ever had, I do hope that situation changes though, for not just my benefit, but other buyers too.

    Sadly, you only have to look at other threads to realise that it appears to be the ‘norm’ in Cape Verde for developers to do as they wish and treat buyers poorly, albiet to varying degrees. They know they can get away with it in a country where, the legal system is poor, and has a culture where, dare I say it, lies, deception and corruption seems to be in place and to be acceptable.


    How I would love the keys to my villa. At the moment feel pissed off that no sign of any completion or sign of any keys.!!!

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