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    Hay going on holiday for a month hear for a month is it any good for kite surfing. Also I wanted to know if it had air con and wifi their. I would like to know if their is any facilities for washing your cloths? If anyone can give me anymore information that you think would be helpful that would be great. Thank you 🙂

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    jean 1

    Its great for kite surfing,
    There is air con but not all apartments have it installed,but there is always a breeze so if you leave windows open its fine.
    There is wifi their i believe you have to purchase a voucher which you can get in the office under block C .
    Under B block their is a launderette,you can do it yourself or they will do it for you.
    I am sure you will love it if you need any help ask Dave in Baileys cafe under block B.

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