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    it all depends on who you are dealing with. I have just recieved notice of completion ( on time ) and it had a full list of how to proceed attached. It informed me that it will take approx 90 days for all the paperwork to be processed and that they hope to arrange most of the signings for September so I plan to go out then. The best way out I have found is Dublin-Lisbon-Sal and while this involves a long stopover in Lisbon I find better than having to overnight in the UK.
    If I can be of any further assistance you can contact me on the Hotline.



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    has anyone taken over their apartment yet, i have being informed mine is now ready so i would love some advice what to do next regarding closing sale ,snaging list, renting , and how best to get there from ireland. thanks for any positive info[:)]

    pat ryan


    TACV has a direct flight from Paris CDG at 5pm on Friday afternoons & landing back in Paris at 4pm the following Friday if that’s any help, as I suspect there must be some Dublin to Paris connections. – Worth looking at anyway.


    I’m also in the process of signing for Block B and envisage going over in late august or early September. I am sorting out paper work with my solicitor and will then work out travel arrangements. I have looked at various flights and if you want to get in and out in as few days as possible then the dublin-lisbon-sal approach seems to be the best. Is there a local snagger or do we have to do it ourselves?



    My partner and i own a business in Cape Verde and although we have an apartment here we would like to move into a two bed apt in Djadsal Block B, preferably a ground floor. We are looking for a long term rent and can assure the owner we are professional and would care for your apartment and also maintain it while we were there. You would obviously then have guaranteed rental. Any interested parties please email me at I look foward to hearing from you. We would like to move in in September which is when i believe everything will be finished and signed. Thanks.



    Hi, i am very shortly completing the purchase of an apartment on Block B. Could any Block A completers offer any advice as regards completion, setting up bank accounts, sorting out utilities, management company, etc? I intend going out to Sal to sort out the paperwork, Steve


    Just got word our apartments are also ready, I was hoping to hold off until sept before we complete and possibly fly out then, anyone else done this?


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