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    Hi all,

    I’m a seasoned traveller around the world & next on my list is a trip to CV in January 2013 & have a few basic questions.

    1:What weather is expected at this time of year? (day & eve temps)

    2: Would you say that Santa Maria has enough choice of quality eateries to accommodate somewhere different every night for a 2 week stay? The usual AI vs BB argument is always subjective but be good to know how the land lies before I research too many hotels.

    3: Any info on the Oasis Salinas hotel? Looks like a build in progress on the tour operators website.

    4: Any other useful tips?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi Mark,

    I try to answer your questions seriously.

    1.Weather in January is agreable (day ~24°C, evening down to 18°C). In the evening a pullover can be useful due to the wind. 😉 Also water temperature is not to cold, ~23°C. If waves are not to high you can swim every day.

    2. Sal, especially Santa Maria is the most developed place on CV. You will find several restaurants and bars to get different meals.
    AI is a possibility, but you have never seen the real country, because these hotels are equal all over the world (boring but higher standard). 🙁
    Two weeks on Sal are possible, but there are no big “adventures” to do. If you need predominantly relaxation and beautiful beaches, Sal is wonderful. If you want to see more, you should visit a second island, e.g. Santiago with its mountains and beautiful valleys.
    3. Oasis Hotel?….have a look into the internet. As I told you, I prefer smaller hotels and pensions. You will find offers here in the forum (button “Travel” above).

    4. If you like to leave Sal for a second island’s visit, you should book your domestic flight as soon as possible. You must reconfirm the flight after your arrival immediately. Otherwise the flight gets lost, although there is an “o.k.” written on the print! ❗
    Some mosquito repellences are useful. 8)

    Hope, that I could help you a bit. 😀

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