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    So Sambala finally admit they R in dire straits and banks and creditors R foreclosing and Viceroy have all but walked away. Finally they R starting 2 admit the truth but they R far from revealing the whole truth…

    1. Does anyone believe the funder who has reneged on the supposed big injection of dosh really exist? I could get my lawyer to write a letter to the National Lottery asking for £1m but it dont really mean I won the lottery. Sorry, but we heard this all before. What happened to the big funder who already put the money in the bank 2 years ago? That turned out to be bull too. Really – who would invest in a dead duck run by 2 turkeys?

    2. What makes Grepne think he is exempt from council tax on his personal properties? We R all foreign investors? We would be exempt too. Who is he trying to kid? If true them Y is his lawyer already arranging to hand over apartments to the local govt? Somebody better put the lawyer straight about the whole ‘misunderstanding’. What utter bollocks?

    3. They aint admitted 2 anywhere near the amount of debts they owe. €1m to €5m? Which is it? 1 or 5? Don’t they know? Anyway its way more than that? €5m is prob just some of the interest.

    4. Why no mention of the existing arresto over the whole site?

    Easy 2 see they R now owning up to smaller things to distract investors from the big ones (if U could call ’em small). They R preparing to head for the exit. My predictions on here come true yet again. I said they’d delay things till the summer with more excuses. July will roll onto Sept, then Xmas – again.

    Only way a big funder would get involved is if they could buy Grepne outright. They couldnt work with Sambala muppets with their track record of extreme muppetry. But there aint any profit in it after all the debts are paid off. The only 1 who got a property in the sun is Grepne in Monaco. The rest of us are all f***ed!

    Some very interesting info is coming my way soon. Watch this space.

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    I see the capeverdeinvesting blogspot has published an update.

    Not much more 2 say except will the 2 goons ever face any kind of justice or pay back anything 2 all the hard working people who have lost their life savings? Has Grepne ever done a full day of hard toil in his life? Has he got enough of our money to live in the South of France for the rest of his life, however long that may be?

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