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    I am going to Cape Verde at the end of January, super excited! The plan is to see the 3 sides of Cape Verde: beautiful coasts on Boa Vista, volcano on Fogo and hiking on Sao Antao. For all this I have 18 days which I hope is enough to travel between various islands.

    The preferred way for me is to travel by ferries, on which I have tried to find as much information as possible online and on this site and forum, however some questions are still unanswered for me. Please help with clarifying the following:

    Travelling from Boa Vista.
    I have not been able to find any ferries that were going from Boa Vista to any other island, which seems a bit strange. How risky is it to investigate that upon arrival to Boa Vista? Or is it that uncertain that travelling by plane is unavoidable in this case?

    Travelling to Fogo.
    Seems like this is quite easy with “Fast Ferry” from Praia, is it normally difficult to buy tickets upon arrival to Praia?

    Travelling to Santo Antao.
    Seems like it is easy to get to Sao Vicente by ferry from Praia and from there to Santo Antao.

    Travelling to Boa Vista.
    How easy would it be to travel from Sao Vicente to Boa Vista? Preferrably even via Sal? Or should one go back to Praia and from there go to Boa Vista?

    And a final question: Is there an easy ferry connection between Boa Vista and Sal?

    Thanks in advance for helping out if anybody knows such specific information!


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    Hi, some more research gave this site:

    According to this site there is unregulary trips from Boa Vista- Sao Vicente with the boat Ribeira de Paúl. Does any one know contact information to the company that runs this boat ?

    Thank you!



    forget all ferries except the ones listed on this page:

    Unless you want they tell you ferry is departing “maybe”tomorrow and you end up waiting about 2, 3 , 4 days …

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