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    camping/ cheep acomodation/rooms/bungalows

    Hallo to everyone, my boyfriend and my are planing to go to Sal Island on February and we are a camping fans but I didn’t found any, there is any camping in Cabo Verde?
    Or a cheep acomodation like a room or something for one week?
    We don’t need much!!!
    If someone can give some tips!!!

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    this is actually a very good question, I was also wondering if taking a tent to Cape Verde would be of any use. And how “OK” is it to camp on any of the islands?


    Hallo Julia,
    I checkt the old post of this foro and the only thing that I saw is that you can ask some landlord if you can camp on their place, because camping is not allowed.
    Now my next question is:
    Those someone now anybody or any place on Sal that we can camp?!
    We can pay a razonable price (like camps price)for the time that we will stay ( 10 days)
    If someone know or they are interesting can sent me an email to:


    Hello Julia,

    camping is totally uncommon on Cape Verde, and there is not camping area on any island. 😐

    The only chance is to ask the owner of a meddow (if you find one :mrgreen: ) wether he allowes your stay in a tent.
    But there is no possibility of cleaning a.s.o.

    Little pensions are spread all over the islands and you can better stay over night and it is saver! ❗ They are not really expensive. 🙂


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