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    Hi george:- When I signed my contract, the full building licence had not been approved. However I was one of the early investors,and most investors have a bank guarantee anyway,and banks would not give guarantees without the full building licence being issued. Also in Cor di Mar,the developers had to remove a floor on one of the wings.

    I agree with you that the development should have been in progress by now,seeing it has been marketed for over a year,although it may be more feasable for them to start in the new year. There is also a couple of supply problems which has just surfaced in the last month,sand etc.

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    Ponta Bicuda looks fabulous.

    Does any one know if the building license were granted or issued?

    Does any one have a formal explanation from Ponta Bicuda, why the construction is not in progress?

    The master plan is beautiful but if local authorities do not approve it we can have problems.


    in my emails recently they said foundation work would start in the new year, but i’m happy for a delay re stumping up the next 20% – 30 days on from the start of work !!

    also the sand issue and importing it may hold things up as mentioned above

    Sunny Sussex goes south

    just got a reply after emailing them earlier….

    Thank you for your email. Up to now, everything is running like a swiss watch. The construction has started with the excavation and we’re moving ahead slowly as expected in the beginning (works are now stopped for Christmas but will be re-started again on the third January). At the end of January you’ll receive a notification to pay the second 20% in March and we’re not expecting delays…
    We’ll import the sand from the continent and, at least for now, we’re not anticipating any other complications than those that arise from the speed of the CV customs (they’re sloooooow).

    João Távora will send you an update in the usual two month format. If you need any additional support just drop me a line, as you know we’re accessible and we try hard to get the right answers :).

    Sunny Sussex goes south

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