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    Block C
    Hi All ,just returned from 3 great weeks in Sal.The block is looking a lot better Since Fabrizio as taken over the management.
    We now have security doors on ,the garden is looking good they have cut a lot back.They have taken off the red slabs on the low walls and are replaceing with grey ones.
    We are now on pipe water.
    The swimming pool was cleaned while we were there .
    Fabrizio seems to be keeping on top of things but he can only do it if he receives the condo fees, and as we have all paid a lot of money for these apartments i am sure we want our investments to be looked after,so lets all give him a chance and pay your fees,there will be a meeting in the new year if no one is happy they can speak up then.
    Turnivest dont want to know. Jean

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