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    We purchase an apartment On Cape Verde through MRI in 2007, and paid a deposit of 3000 euros by Barclaycard dose anybody know if you can claim your deposit from Barclaycard under section 75 of the consumer credit 1974.

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    I have ‘bought’ on Cabonuba. Nitemare. Regarding the deposit, if the total purchase is in excess of £30k then Section 75 does not apply. Tried and failed with Barclaycard!! Are you an investor in Cabonuba? I have a case lodged against MRI at the Criminal Court in Marbella. I have a Spanish Solicitor acting on my behalf as the CV Solicitors have done nothing to assist. I am looking for further victims to join so that we have a stronger case. Let me know if you are interested in speaking further.

    Kind regards


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