Back up generator for Lifts

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    You may wish to ask Tecnicil what the emergency procedure is for lift extraction in the event of power failure with no back-up generator.

    I’m suspecting this will be a fairly regular occurrence going forward till infrastructure gets more reliable and robust.

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    I asked Maria if there was a back-up generator for the lifts as I am renting my first floor apartment to a wheel chair user (he was assured at time of purchase there would be). The answer has come back that there isn’t! This may be useful information for others who may have had the same assurances back in 2006 and are expecting them to be there.



    During my inspection visit 2006 , I raised the issue over the power supply as I use a wheelchair and can not walk or stand. This would be the main deciding factor as to which floor we would purchase on. Whilst in the technicil office I spoke with the cv architect who assured me there would be back up generators for the lifts. I do not have this in writing. There is no way I would have bought on the 3rd floor if I knew otherwise.I have emailed technicil over the issue as we are coming close to completion. As usual no reply.
    Technicil seem to be digging a very large hole for themselves by not addressing clients concerns. How do they expect me to complete on a property I can’t access.

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