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    Hi, Although I have not been out there myself yet I am told that coloring book and pencils are well received. I hope also when I go I will be able to take some deflated footballs and may collect used football shirts from friends.
    I raised some money for SOS CHILDREN’S VILLAGE in Mindelo and they are also in Santaigo.
    Good luck on your trip and hope others will follow your nice gesture.[:)]


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    I’m travelling to Sal later this month for a 2-week holiday. Do you know whether schools on the island are in need of books or other materials? Or is there anything else I could bring with me that would be useful to people in CV?
    Is it helpful to be able to speak Portuguese on the island?
    Any advice and any information about Sal/CV generally would be gratefully received! I have never been before, and know not what to expect…! [:)]


    I read recently that there are also some children without parents in Sal as their parents left them to look for work. I am sure someone will know where they are.


    Are we talking about Africa here or Sal, as the school we saw in Santa Maria they were smartly dressed and acted very well, nice kids to tak to.
    Your hearts are in the right place though, I think you should do a bit research though, to not cause offence. Unless there are other schools I never seen but that one looked quite good…There are a LOT of families with New 4×4 trucks too so some must have money.
    However there will always be someone in need, it a good gesture anyhow…

    No offence to anyone is intended

    carol 888


    I was out in Sal in February and took crayons, pens and notepads etc to the School in Santa Maria they were very grateful and I wish I had taken more. We also visited last November and my son and nephew became friendly with some boys on the beach and left them some of their clothes, they were not offended. We even met up with them in February and gave them football shirts we took out for them.

    Enjoy your trip I’m sure any gifts will be appreciated.



    There is a project that is helping mothers and children in Espargos. The town is called Santa Cruze. I will try and find out who to contact regarding this. Its called Project Smile…I believe its run by an italian lady. Someone on here may know more.


    Nice one Carol a think i will do something similar when i am out their in June next year.



    there is charity called project smile…..the person you should contact is called alison jones…..they are currently in the process of sending over a container load of donated items they have collected from schools in the uk……if you are looking to bring stuff they are in need of baby clothes, bottles ,teat’s ,childrens clothes pens crayons footballs etc……this charity has been set up to help the children in santa Cruz, santa cruz is a shanty on the outskirts of espargos there are around 200 children living there many of which are without parents and are in need of the basic necessities…….daniel can i post alison’s personal contact details on this site or is there another way for you to pass on this information


    Portuguese,French,Italian and english are spoken within Santa Maria. The weather will be warm during the day and cool at night, so bring a jumper.

    Sal is the gateway to the real cape verde islands, so i would suggest you take the day trip to Fogo and possibily stay overnight in Sao Vicente before taking the ferry to San Antao.

    check ****************** website


    Hi all, we are involved with Project Smile. The project was set up and organised by Danila Muzzi. All we are doing is trying to coordinate help for the children and mothers of Santa Cruze.

    See post by Ivonne as to what is needed. Deflated footballs are always very well received.
    You can email us on jonoATjoe90DOTfreeserveDOTcoDOTuk

    Your help will be really appreciated.

    Please get in touch.


    Thanks for all the advice and information, it’s all been really helpful.
    Alison: I have emailed you at Project Smile – please let me know via this forum if nothing has come through
    I’m looking forward to my visit to CV!!

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