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    Hi! I hope that someone in this foro does speak English. I’m from Russia and actually I’ve just begun to study Spanish. I was looking for some spanish music but found Cesaria Evora – she’s very popular in our country. I know that her songs are not in Spanish. Nor they are in Portuguese. So I can’t get what is she singing about. I found only one dictionary on the Internet – it’s french-caboverdian. And I tried to translate few texts using spanish, french, portugues and caboverdian (the one I mentioned) dictionaries, but in vain. I hope that those of you who also love Cesaria Evora could help me with translation.
    All I can give as a reward is some russian music and translation – if you want. 🙂
    Thanks in advance.


    I feel friend, but Cesárea sings in ” Criolo” , an African mixture of Portuguese and dialects.
    And to make it more difficult, in each island ” Criolo” is different.
    Some songs if they are in Portuguese.
    And no, it does not exist a dictionary nor translator of ” Criolo”.

    The important thing is the feeling.

    A greeting

    José Ramón

    Home de ferro


    Thanks for your answer!
    But can someone tell me the idea of some songs? In general?
    I like Barbincor and Tortura.
    What is Barbincor about?
    As I understand Tortura is about torture. And it starts with ¨Show me (do) any sign of life”? :))))) Since “Fazê” means ¨do¨ and ¨vida¨ is life… Though I’m not so sure.
    But there is another question… There are a lot of people all over the world who adore Cesárea. So… Don’t they know the meaning of the songs? :)))

    By the way… Another site with some info about caboverdo “Criolo” – http://www.priberam.pt/dcvpo/gramatica/gramatica.aspx
    But it’s in portuguese…


    And I compeletely agree with you that the main thing is feeling! She’s drawing with her song amazing pictures of life that I love.

    The main reason I want to tranlate few songs is that some words sound mysterious for me – I want to know the meaning.

Viendo 4 publicaciones - del 1 al 4 (de un total de 4)

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