Cape Verde Islands

Sunday 25.01.2015


Domestic Flights

TACV Cabo Verde Airlines
TACV – Airline of Cape Verde

Flights between the Islands of Cape Verde (Domestic Flights)

National flights on Cape Verde are with the partially government-owned airline TACV - the Cabo Verde Airlines.

On the national flights, the TACV uses three small ATR turboprop aircrafts, leased in Toulouse from the manufacturer. Several times a week they also use one of their two Boeings for national flights.


Book your domestic flights directly !

The Travel Service offers you the option of booking your domestic flights in a direct, fast and uncomplicated way for a service fee of only 10,00 Euro for each ticket per person to be added to the price you can find on the TACV website.

Why use our service ?

*You do not have a credit card.

*You have problems using your credit card on the TACV website.

*You do not want to give your credit card details to the TACV website.

If this is the case, we are able to accept PAYPAL Payments. Remember you can use your credit card or your bank account to pay with paypal.

Just do the following steps:

1- go to to look for availibility of your flights.

2- Once choosen the available flights, please email us full names of each person to travel and copy and paste the complete flight information as given by TACV website on the last step before they ask you for payment details.



Mr. John Smith and Mrs. Susan Smith


VR4122 18/10/13 17:40 Sal - Sao Vicente
VR4212 25/10/13 18:55 Sao Vicente - Sal

Price on website: 165,06 EUR

3- Once received your email with informations of point 2 at we will send you a payment email which you can pay by PAYPAL, using your credit card or your bank account.

4- Once received your payment we will book the flights for you and you will receive the original invoice from TACV (not including our service fee) and the electronic ticket directly from TACV.

Please understand that this service merely is a payment aid service: We just help you with the payment option at TACV website as they do not accept PAYPAL payments.

For further flight confirmations and modifications you should go in contact with TACV offices in your country or Cape Verde directly.



Only some of the ferries between the islands have a regular schedule.

Ferries are especially suited for visiting the islands have no functioning airport (Santo Antao and Brava).
For further details, visit the Cape Verde ferries page.