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29.06.2012 - 

Cape Verde's tourism activities saw a staggering 27.4 percent growth last year, which was more that the world's average (4.4 percent) and even the African average, according to the exclusive annual report from the Bank of Cape Verde (BCV).

According to the BCV annual report, there were significant tourism demand on the archipelago. One quote suggested that it, "may be partially related to the political and social crises seen in north African countries throughout 2011”, which saw demand fall by 12 percent.

The overall gross tourism revenues rose by a staggering 26.4 percent, which accounted for an overall 21.1 percent of GDP. Compare this to the 5.3 percent revenues in 2010.

Cape Verde also saw a rise in overnight stays by 21.9 percent with an average tourist stay of around 5.7 nights. 

The BCV emphasised that the revenues rose more than overnight stays due to the adjustments in the prices of various services. This is purely due to the high consumer prices which was a growing trend in 2011. 

Cape Verde welcomed a 428,000 tourists in 2011, which contributed to the economy 27.847 billion Cape Verdean escudos (US $309 million).

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