Cape Verde Islands

Sunday 20.05.2018




06.12.2012 - 

The Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index saw Cape Verde rise two slots from 41st to 39th place. Cape Verde also received a rating of 60 on a zero to hundred scale. According to this index, the second least-corrupt Portuguese speaking countries after Portugal, is Cape Verde which is overall the second best-rated country in Africa with Botswana on top.
The Nordic countries saw top spot - Denmark, Finland and Sweden plus New Zealand respectively. However, Cape Verde appeared as the second least corrupt African country, which saw Botswana take 30th place with 65 points which saw an analysis of 174 countries and territories. Brazil came 69th in the survey, showing a rise from 73rd prior in 2011, whereas Angola remained low in the survey coming 157th place. 
Portugal saw its position take a tumble coming 33rd place which was one place below 2011.

The survey also saw both São Tomé and Príncipe come in 72nd place, East Timor 113th, Mozambique 123rd, Guinea Bissau 150th and Angola 157th. These are all people’s perception of where corruption is the highest and shows ones perceptions of corruption in a Portuguese- speaking country.

By: D.R.B. -