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 Post subject: Snagging Overseas or Smoke and Mirrors?
PostPosted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:31 pm 
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I cannot believe what I think I have just stumbled across...

As I am sure many of you are already aware, Tecnicil promote a company called Snagging Overseas

to owners for the snagging of their recently completed property in Vila Verde, nothing wrong with that at all, however, I just did a search on google for Iain Tozer out of interest, the Commercial Director for Tecnicil and the following showed up in one of the results:

Now, being curious about the Silver River Consultancy website that is registered to an Iain Tozer at a Portuguese address, I took a look at the site:

Is it just me or does it look striking similar to that of Snagging Overseas (apparently based in Portugal)???? Same layout, same colours and exactly the same picture at the top!

Starting to smell a bit of a rat I also checked out the “whois” for Snagging Overseas too, that website is not registered to Iain Tozer but to someone called Mike Knivett of Artemis Internet Marketing.

Phew you might think, just a coincidence, but hang on a minute, what is the small text at the bottom of both the and websites...... “This is a trading style of Artemis Internet Marketing”????

Uh oh! It is starting to look ominously like “Tecnicil” have been promoting the services of a company in which their commercial director probably has a vested interest! If this is so then where is the impartiality? You might as well just ask Tecnicil to do the snagging on the property for you!

The link between Tozer & Knivett is confirmed if you check them out on facebook too, they are indeed friends with each other!

I could however be wrong and all of the above could just be one big coincidence, what do you think?


 Post subject:
PostPosted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:14 pm 
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Hi DenB

Thought I'd respond to this one, as I do know a little about this.

Mike Knivett of Artemis Internet Marketing is pretty big in his field and he does a lot of web work for property companies and the like.

It is no secret that Iain Tozer heads up Silver River Consultancy, he is a consultant on property matters and is engaged by Tecnicil for this purpose.

I'm sure that Iain and Mike know each other both professionally and personally, have you ever had a friend offer to do a website for you? Or done business with someone who has then become more of a friend?

Artemis also handle the website for Snagging Overseas (along with thousands of others) and due to this there will be similarities in design I guess, though I'm no expert there.

I know Iain Tozer knows people at Snagging Overseas, but this is not unusual in the property world, where people will often cross with each other on various projects.

What I can say is, I had excellent service from Steve at Snagging Overseas, others have too. He also offered to help me when I was fighting for the correct amount of compensation from Tecnicil,not sure if Iain was his boss or business partner that would have gone down too well.

No harm in looking into things like that though DenB, you may have been onto something which people should know about.


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